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24 March 2015 @ 12:59 pm
Speaking my thoughts out loud~  
Hi everyone~ I haven't updated any posts here lately...
-Reviewing for an admission test
-Cleaning up stuff from my apartment and moving back to the province
-on and off internet connection
-solving family issues

To my fic readers, I'm sorry I had to delay the updates I promised before. I've got lots of stuff to do in RL and I haven't gotten any inspiration to write the continuation of my fic. But once everything is finished, I'll work it out as soon as I can and give the fic a proper ending.... There'll be more chapters ahead so don't worry, it's not gonna end yet (But I really wanted to end it quickly soon though).

I already have another fic in mind (Ohmiya it is), but I have to consult about it with a friend of mine on the story... I have already written almost 3k-5k words already, but I'm still in doubt if I should continue it or not. Too dramatic I must say and because it's drama I think it makes me feel weak already.

Oh well, thank you for reading my random thoughts. I will try to find inspiration and courage to post my fics again... soon, maybe?

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Current Music: Everything - 嵐