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22 June 2020 @ 09:56 pm
All about me! :)  

My Fanfic Masterpost can be found here.

UPDATE as of 04/10/2017:

A Flower of Love Fanfic (Chapter 2 onwards) is F-LOCKED for now.


arashi dw
BANDS here! (a.k.a. reyahh321)
from the Philippines.
22 years old,
BS Pharmacy graduate.
Currently studying... M.D. (^_^' )



JE - my greatest fandom.
Everything started from ARASHI. year? - 2006.
I was Jun-baited.
but stopped for a year because of high school studies.

Then, became a JE fan again in 2007.
not because of ARASHI, but this time it's because of:
Tegomasu and Hey!Say!7...
(came back of fandom because of Lovely Complex Anime.)

Learned about other groups such as Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS,
(yes, a late fan. :P)
Continued my fandom for 1 and a half years, then stopped again in 2009.
2010 - Came back, when I started my college life.
Reason? because of a friend who shares the same interests as me.

Made me go back to fandom again.

I learned more about Kis-My-Ft2, NYC, B.I. Shadow, and other Johnnys Jr. groups as well (Hip Hop Jump, Snow Prince Gasshoudan, etc.) .

For 2 years, I became a big HSJ and NYC fan. :)
Last 2011, only months before the year 2012 that
I've decided to come back to my fandom
where it all started...


These five adorkable guys did a
great job on making me come back to them.

Aiba Masaki, the tensai zookeeper...

Ohno Satoshi, the devil artist...

Matsumoto Jun, the Handsome DoS...


Ninomiya Kazunari, the sexual powerhouse naughty brat...

and Sakurai Sho, a.k.a. Nadegata Japan.

I love this dork the most. :)

Why? because of this...

and this...

and THIS.

Hot right? *giggles*

Guess I won't be able to leave these guys easily...



and favorite JE Pairings:

Btw, I approve to this couple the most.






I guess that's about it.
So, wanna be friends?
Don't worry, I don't bite.
Ask me anything.
You can add me too, if you like.
Just don't forget to comment and make introductions, okay?

Please and Thank you! ^___^

(Bands is not my real name. Lets say it's just my known name, okay? )

Edit as of 06/19/15: I'm known as Bien-Bien in real life. Nice to meet you everyone~ ^^
Current Music: Disney - Tanya Markova
reyahh321reyahh321 on July 11th, 2011 01:50 pm (UTC)
Hahaha... are we long-lost-twins? LOL. (age gap... imposible ata...^^)

Actually, I've met some, not JUMP fans, but NEWS fans. ^^
They warmly welcomed me, but I still feel shy. Thanks to my friend, I gradually opened up to them... ^^

Ohh... Well. Everything has a reason, right? Yes, I'll try to love it as much as I can... ^^ you too! hehe.

Nov 2? ngee... Pero at least, walang pasok? hahaha.

IMy family knows my weirdness too, since we're all weird. haha... xD
If I feel like it though, I show my weirdness to my friends and classmates as well. And from time to time, they think I'm weird too. LOL :P

haha... you finished it for me... ^___^

Yeah, I am. But most of my batchmates have the same year as me... :)
Actually, I have a classmate right now who's still 15, and will be turning 16 this September. Too advanced right? :)
(Deleted comment)
reyahh321reyahh321 on July 15th, 2011 05:39 pm (UTC)
Then it's REALLY too late... xDDD

Yes, they are very lively and fun indeed. Maybe because they're mature? or they just like to find some enjoyment since they've the same age as NEWS?... :)

Naah. I'm doing my best liking this course though. We really haven't started anything majorly related to our course yet. Most of our seniors says that we'll have our change of thoughts when we become third years. Makes me nervous, since it'll be a big competition they say. We're like 43 or more in our section, but the Senior ones says that by the time we're 3rd years, we'll be reduced in about almost half. I don't know if I can take that pressure. Good luck nalang sakin. >__<

Don't say that. Eveyone has a great mind of its own. Hirap man tayo sa mga bagay-bagay... May mga bagay-bagay din na sure tayo ay matalino. parang JE fandom... LOL :)

Yup, indeed it's really hard. But I'll work hard on it... :)
You too! I believe that you've got a great future ahead as well with the course you're taking. ^^

NO WAY! :/ So unfair! *storms into my parent's room and ranst about why they didn't get me go to school much earlier*

haha... I'm quite inggit din dun sa classmate ko since she's very smart and she doesn't even look like a 15 yr old to me. xD

Oh well.. ganun talaga... :)
(Deleted comment)
reyahh321reyahh321 on July 21st, 2011 02:31 pm (UTC)
Maybe both! :) Growing up in the fandom would really make a change not only on your take about fangirling but how you enjoy along with the other fangirls :D It will totally put you in to a greater level!

I guess you're right... It did... I think? : )

Yeah, whoever said that, it's true. Based on my experience, the first and second year of college is not so different from high school (except the schedule and the environment). I just started my third year, and all our subjects are major except ENG8: Technical Writing. It isn't so difficult yet, since we only just started studying the "real things". And yeah, last sem. my batch was composed of two sections, and now we are chopped down to one.
Don't worry. I know you'll make it! Don't be pressured it isn't so hard as you think it is.

I'm trying my best though, and I think I pretty much messed up on the exams today. Nataranta ako... haha... But I think I'll pass somehow, and thanks! I hope I can make it too! xD

Hahah. So true! :D I can't call my self a JE expert though. Hahah. Dami ko pang kailngan malaman sa fandom na ito. JE is a vast world! :D

Agree~ I don't know much as well, but it excites me since it's like JE never ends right? At some point, as a fan, I keep on searching for new and surprising things by looking not only at the present ones, but also way back... the past of JE... lolol

Well, everyone does. Not only me, you too. To quote my professor, "when you graduate, a lot of doors of opportunities will open up for you." Kahit mga jobs na di related sa course mo.

Yeah... I agree again! let's do our best! :D

Ahh, wow~ GIFTED CHILD!!! I'm kinda curious, so how does she looks like?! Too mature for her age or too cute and young for her age?

Do you have a twitter or facebook account? or any other account where I can add you?

Looks like a typical student who just turned 18... looks mature for a young age.
FB? want to add me? I have two accounts... Which do you want? The fangirl or the normal me? : )